Welcome to the Perfect Health Retreat at Albert Oaks Austin!

Albert Oaks is pleased to announce a partnership with Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet, co-authors of Perfect Health Diet who will bring their celebrated diet and lifestyle program to our Austin retreat. At the Perfect Health Retreat, you’ll learn how to implement all aspects of the Perfect Health Diet (PHD) lifestyle, within the supportive environment of Albert Oaks.

The Perfect Health Diet has helped thousands overcome serious illness. These testimonials indicate that the Perfect Health Diet can help you:

  • Improve health, mood, and energy
  • Cure or mitigate chronic disease
  • Live longer and better

What Is the Perfect Health Retreat?

Damon & Joyce Young and their dedicated staff have worked with the Jaminets to create the perfect environment for their 30-day immersion program. During that time, you receive:

  • Tailor-made personal goal assessments, overseen by Paul Jaminet Ph.D.
  • A daily educational program, created by Paul Jaminet, covering all aspects of the PHD lifestyle with weekly teleconferences to interact directly with the authors for questions and answers to personalize the program to best fit your lifestyle and monthly visits by Paul Jaminet to interact, support and mentor
  • Meals prepared by chef Damon Young, who will invite you into the kitchen to show you how it’s prepared and bring you along to the stores, markets, and gardens to show you how to make smart menu choices to follow the Perfect Heath Diet lifestyle.
  • A daily physical activity program led by a resident personal trainer using fitness areas with Primal 7 setups on the back patio and nestled along the walking trails throughout the property
  • Upscale accommodations, designed to provide a Perfect Heath Diet-optimized living space, such lighting designed to support optimal circadian rhythms
  • Opportunities to explore and learn ways to provide your own healthy food sources with our organic gardens, raised bed gardens, hydroponic gardens, aquaponic fish beds, and hen houses
  • A supportive social environment. The owners and staff of Albert Oaks Austin have cured or greatly improved their own health by following the Perfect Heath Diet program.

Why Come to Albert Oaks Austin?

Albert Oaks Austin provides the perfect environment in which to learn the highly effective Perfect Heath Diet healing methods. At the end of 30 days, you’ll be an expert in how to live healthfully. You’ll have enjoyed 30 days of Perfect Heath Diet living, and experienced significant health improvements which will motivate you to continue the program at home. You’ll know how to implement Perfect Health Diet at home. You’ll have come to understand the factors influencing your own health, and how to address them.

Your Time is Now

For those who have yet to read Perfect Health Diet, this heavily researched, proven approach to improving your health includes new ways of looking at your:

  • Diet
  • Movement
  • Natural body cycles

While not a requirement, we highly recommend reading this book that is aimed at casual readers who want a simple formula for adopting this diet. For the more scientifically inclined the Jaminets provide pages and pages of scientific backup for their findings on their website.

Come join us! Learn how to take control of your health today!

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